Monday, April 21, 2008

Better Than Boullion

Master ingredient. Better Than Boullion Organic Vegetable broth base is a master ingredient for making stocks and sauces. It is not just salt, which most bullion is. It is a smooth paste in a jar, so it can be stored in the fridge, and you can spoon out as much or as little as you want to make a sauce. A good example of this is to dissolve 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 cup of white wine, to add to foil wrapped fish.  It adds some moisture and a really nice flavor. If you've got a saute that's a little dry and not as tasty as it could be, just put a little in a tea cup with a little water, or wine, and add to the pan.  We use it all the time. Get some, put it in the fridge, and add a dash here and there for flavor. It's great!


Chris Stone said...

Hey Scott! Is your wonder ingredient vegetarian, and can it be used for vegetable stock?

Scott said...


yes it's "certified vegan," which I guess means a vegan Rabbi oversees the process. It makes a very nice vegetable stock, for example to make Risotto. And if you've made a veggy stock from scratch and it just seems to be missing something? Adding just a little bit does the trick (better than just adding salt to get some flavor).

Scott said...

We just saw a head-to-head among vegetable stocks in the latest Fine-Cooking, and they rated this below several brands of canned vegetable broth, specifically, College Inn vegetable stock. Their comment? "Too much salt." Now I'm kind of a salt-nazi, so I can hear this criticism. However, what are you going to do with that 16 Oz. can of College-Inn broth when what you need is 1/2 cup broth to moisten a dish? Well Fine-Cooking? Well?

Just remember, this is flavored salt, in an easy to dispense format. If you are light on the salt to begin with, you should have no problem.